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Diseases And Protocols

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vegetablesMost pathogens and toxins come into us through food and water.

This is why this section discusses Food Sanitizers.

Further Dr. Clark believed that most of our food and water should have a north polarization with a very little amount south pole. This section discusses what Polarization is.

This section also lists various foods. For food Allergens go here.


Food concerns every living thing. It is the most important but also a most complicated and controversial subject. It concerns our physical and mental well-being or our illnesses. Hundreds of diets have been invented for losing weight to  staying healthy. There exist many food groups such as vegetarians, vegans, crudists, macrobiotics, etc

Although  this concern about food, today there are always more people that experience allergic reactions  or intolerance to some type of food. Today one in 3 people are allergic to some type of food.

Dr. Hulda Clark focused her latest research on the subject of food and our reaction to it.

To stay healthy and not be heavily parasitized, she recommended consuming unprocessed fresh fruit and vegetables (possibly organic), organic meats and clean water.

We can find parasite eggs, bacteria viruses and fungus in the food and in soil where fruit and vegetable have been cultivated. Further the processing of foods can give them solvents and metals. This is why the "Beginner Food section" deals with food sanitizers according to Dr. Clark.

Instead this advanced section on food deals with how we become allergic to food, and the organ-food relationship.

The organ-food relationship is completely innovative and only Dr. Clark has discovered this finding. Each of our organs have a food allergen. This research has been done especially in connection to cancer, but if you have problems with specific organs, stay away from its food allergen until the situation has improved. See Organ-food table here.


Food is a complex mixture. As you eat a certain food, the liver might not be able to digest and detoxify all of the substances in that food. All food has phenolic substances. They give the food its color, its flavor, its fragrance. You may have put yourself on a diet rich in cabbage, broccoli and other members of the "cabbage-family". These will bring the substance PIT*. Or on a diet of carrot juice! This brings umbelliferone allergy. The intention to eat much more of these fine natural foods was good, but you can be misled. Your metabolism, the body's quiet chemistry, has been disturbed by interlopers, Fasciolopsis buski, and Salmonella enteriditis. They bring allergies.

How did the allergy happen? One small part of your body was turned southerly by the heavy metals in your drinking water, specifically nickel. If that part also acquires a Fasciolopsis stage, its own partner bacteria will be very stimulated to multiply. Its partner bacteria are Bacillus cereus, ordinary soil bacteria. These bacteria produce d-tyramine, a special amine that can turn nearby substances from l-form to d-form, like itself. Our body however can use only l-forms and not d-forms. Amines are made from amino acids by the body's chemistry. Northerly zones have changed to southerly zones where the d-forms are made.

The d-amino acids cannot be used by the body. The d-form of our thyroid hormone can do nothing for our bodies. We are now lacking this essential hormone. It is an emergency for the tissue. The change in amino acid structure from l- to d- alerts the tissue to call in the allergy-fighting mechanism. PGE2 (prostaglandin E2) is made.
The allergy explosion fills us up with inflammations from PGE2. The inflammations open the doorways of our cells to bacteria and viruses. Now we get sick. Pain bacteria, bloating and gas bacteria, cough-mycoplasmas, sweats-mycobacteria, diarrhea bacteria... all these can make us miserable.

But the situation is made much worse when food after food that we eat has many d-forms of amino acids and d-forms of phenolics. They stimulate more PGE2 because the body considers them allergens, too. We should not eat them. We should eat only the freshest of food that has l-forms exclusively. We should carefully avoid aged food regardless of its chemical preservation to avoid getting more d-forms.

Your immune system will start to destroy any "wrong form" amino acid anywhere in your body.

How Salmonella enteriditis causes allergies is not yet known. Its preferred location is in your pancreas, so your pancreatic enzymes are missing asparaginase. You begin to burp and have discomfort after eating. You get "gassy". Maybe it was the liver's job to change all the wrong d-forms back to their correct l-forms. But that will not be possible if the liver itself has turned southerly in spots or just can't keep up.

As soon as you sense a new allergy, do a liver cleanse and do one every 2 weeks till your liver action is much better. Rush to rid yourself of more Fasciolopsises by depriving them of onion-chemicals. Rush to find your source of gold, molybdenum and ruthenium. Rush to find the allergy.

A cleaner liver gives you better digestion, fewer parasites, and less allergies. - Dr. Hulda Clark

(From: "The Prevention of all Cancers", pages 65-66; 184-186; Copyright notice)

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