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Diseases And Protocols

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We thought the worst part of amalgam fillings was the mercury. But now there is a much worse toxin that we had never guessed. Only a Geiger Mueller tube could find it. It is radiation coming from polonium, the same polonium as makes the cancer-complex. It has immediate urgency. A malignant tumor will always grow again if polonium can be supplied by your teeth. The Syncrometer® finds polonium right beside any uranium, in fact, touching it, in any radioactive tooth filling as well as in a tumor. It has actually made a path to your tumor! This makes cancer a part-dental disease!

The biggest new challenge for dentists is to remove the polonium and uranium from the patients’ mouth.

The polonium came from the uranium. Uranium is allowed by government regulation* in amalgam. Every kind of uranium is radioactive, even if it has been depleted of one variety. There are several varieties, usually mixed. They produce α, β and γ radiations. The α and β radiations make the larger mutations. The gamma radiation makes the most distant and mostly gene mutations. These radiations make tissues grow, just what cancer does. It is common to downplay the importance of uranium radiations. This is like downplaying the significance of a serial killer in a big city because he’s only one man in half a million.

Every malignancy is receiving polonium, and the polonium finds its partners, cerium and ferrocyanide quite easily in your body. Although cancer is started by polonium, cerium and ferrocyanide in the water, these ingredients must be constantly replenished to maintain it. Replenishing the cancer-complex can be from any source and depends no doubt on its “turnover rate”. Polonium and cerium do not come from your own natural teeth! They come from the artificial parts glued or fastened to them. If they could be somehow removed without making any radioactive dust or tiny particles to get away into your body, you could leave the dental office, cancer free. All malignancies could be made benign in less than 1 to 2 weeks of dental repair. We can reach this goal by means of this advanced dental procedure.

By removing the polonium and uranium stuck fast in your teeth you can destroy all your malignancies. Cancers are not independent. They depend on a stationary polonium supply and a constant supply of living energy called “reducing equivalents” from the parasite. Stopping either one is just as effective.

The most important mission to our species could be to stop the spread of uranium and polonium from dental supplies, from household bleach, from our drinking water and products made with it.

There are more dental supplies with polonium than just amalgam.

We are going into an age of radioactivity that we did not choose or foresee. It was something the early geneticists feared, something that the “peaceniks” and “flower children” feared, as well as unpopular religious groups and a few scientists. At that time we left the dilemmas in the hands of “green” people and “activists”. Where can we turn now? Could it be the dentists?

It is important to own a Geiger Mueller counter (see Sources). Test a sample of fertilizer before you buy it. Test water softener salt before you buy it. Test your teeth with a black light to see if they glow in the dark. If they do, replace them.

To replace them, test the new supplies for household bleach and for NSF bleaches with a Syncrometer®. They should have no bleach because all chlorination with bleach brings radioactivity. Find bleach-free supplies, where iodine was used to disinfect instead.

It is very fortunate that some corporations still use steam or Lugol’s iodine to disinfect.

Don’t choose dental supplies that are porcelain, or “veneer” or “cement” nor, of course, containing household bleach.
Test all the supplies used in any procedure for alpha (α), beta (β), and gamma (γ) radiation. This much can be done by Syncrometer®. The anesthetics, adhesives, as well as composites are easily tested.

The danger is that tiny bits of polonium and uranium in the household bleach disinfectant will be hardened along with the polymer as it cures, never to be removed by the body’s immune forces.

The purpose of dental work in earlier books was to destroy Clostridium bacteria and to remove metals.

Now the purpose includes these, but even more urgent is:

  • to remove Po and U from your mouth
  • to remove household bleach and other hardened bleach from your mouth
  • to remove cerium from your mouth. This is in the rubber of root canals and plastic of many composites.

Once the composites with these metals and bleaches is solidified the radioactivity cannot be removed by your WBCs, nor by brushing teeth or with mouthwashes. They are permanent. They will make permanent connections to your tumors, even as far away as the groin or ankle. Now you have a polonium- or uranium-tooth.

The Polonium-Tooth

There are 3 ways a tooth can become a Po-tooth: one is from a plastic filling that had household bleach as its disinfectant; another is from an amalgam filling that also had uranium; a third way is from any dental device with uranium or household bleach contamination, such as a crown, bridge, inlay, retainer or denture.

Amalgam fillings had uranium contamination in about half of the samples I tested 10 years ago! It had already been legal for some time. It was devastating news. We all know what uranium does…it breaks into 2 parts, both radioactive. It makes Po out of itself, in a process called radioactive decay. Devastating because the government allows such a dangerous element to be placed in teeth to make them sparkle! …or visible when x-rayed! Such frivolous purposes show that our government agents have no idea of the real hazard to our society. The fact that it is “spent” uranium makes no difference. The fact that U has a long half-life makes no difference. The high energy radiation of U means it will reach our most sacred organs where reproduction for the next generation occurs, besides the more local ones.

In a society where the incidence of genetic disease and birth defects is sky rocketing it makes no sense to put any mutagen in the body, particularly teeth, since they become a permanent fixture.

At the very least, the rate of birth defects for parents with uranium in their mouths should be compared with parents without uranium. The parents of a neighborhood could do this independently, hiring only a project manager for guidance.

Now it is important to remove all uranium and polonium from the teeth as quickly as possible.

Preparing The Dental Office

Most important is to have radiation-free water and supplies in the office. Send a cold water sample to a Syncrometer® tester to search for household bleach, polonium, and uranium.

  • Locate the office in a “good water zone” where only NSF-rated bleach was used to disinfect it. This will not be radiation-free, but you can make it so.
    Radiation-free water does not come from city water in the USA, although it does in Switzerland.
  • To become radiation-free, attach the hot-backwash filter to the main water intake.
  • Replace all cleaning agents with chlorox-free varieties. Throw away the present ones.
  • Test all dental supplies for household bleach. Acquire household bleach-free varieties.
  • Send 1 or 2 staff-persons to a Syncrometer® teacher for a 2-day course, to do your own testing.

It is not difficult to achieve perfect success with a Syncrometer® tester near you. Success is turning out patient after patient without radioactivity in their teeth and free of all cancers (and pain!) at their next doctor visit regardless how advanced they were.

The Advanced Dental Program—Step-By-Step

  1. Obtain a panoramic x-ray of teeth and jaws in duplicate, one for the patient, one for yourself.
  2. Remind the patient to stop taking vitamin C for 12 to 24 hours before your appointment. This will minimize the amount of painkiller needed.
  3. Take your own painkiller at home. This is to reduce the pain of the pain shots. You may also use baby-teething liquid to be applied by yourself (see Sources). All this reduces pain by about one-half.
  4. Describe each tooth to make discussions of them quick and easy for both yourself and the patient. It is called the Tooth Evaluation. Provide tooth map with numbering system (see page 371).
  5. Supply Dental Bleach (.05% sodium hypochlorite, NSF-rated) to each patient as they are seated in the dental chair. Label the cup “DISINFECTANT! DO NOT SWALLOW”. Rinse, and spit out. Provide a “dental bag” (a plastic bag with paper towels inside to absorb then put inside a brown paper bag to be discreet) to empty your mouth for the trip home later.
  6. First remove all gold. Mental confusion, depression, dizziness, indecisiveness and apathy frequently accompany the terminal stage of any disease. It is due to prion formation. To stop this immediately and even reverse it in the advanced patient, remove gold from the mouth first. Gold supplies prions with their essential metal. Removing it corrects breathing and swallowing problems and the risk of coma with their disease later. Be patient till all gold is removed before proceeding with dental work. It should also be removed from jewelry and food as well as from the gum tissues. Gum trimming will be described later.
  7. Second, remove and replace all prostheses (caps, crowns, bridges, dentures) that can be removed without drilling. They can be expected to contain about one half of the total radioactivity in the mouth. It is easily replaced with non-radioactive supplies. Drilling into them scatters the radioactivity, multiplying the rate of metastases many fold. Be patient till all are pried off or cut off, but not sawed, filed, or drilled in the process. Native tooth substance can be drilled, filed or sawed since it never has radioactivity and can not spread it. A Syncrometer® tester cannot find individual radioactive teeth until the high background from prostheses is removed. If one tooth is so decayed it is not a candidate for crown replacement, there is no need to remove the crown.
  8. Leave these teeth “open” till tester finds each one free of gold, uranium, polonium, mercury and household bleach. Then repair with materials tested free of radioactivity. If they are filled prematurely, they may need to be removed again. Keep them disinfected with Dental Bleach.
  9. Extract all root canals and clean the sockets below with bur type drills selected to shear the rubber off the cavity wall and reach down to the bottom. The tester should find no cerium present later.
  10. Clean old root canal sockets, called Socket Therapy, with similar techniques. Identify old root canal sockets by searching for adhering cerium (rubber, plastic), household bleach, uranium, polonium. Ask the patient or former dentist where old root canals were.
    Advise the patient to make a liquid diet or blend each food, similar to baby food, to avoid weight loss till teeth are functional again. Keep open teeth disinfected with Dental Bleach 4 times daily. Use it undiluted for infections. Dilute in half or even one fourth for sensitive patients.
  11. Next, find radioactive amalgam teeth. To do this the gum canal (sulcus) must first be cleared of radioactivity to avoid confusion. Start the patient on mouthwashes with chelators to flush out chips and crumbs of radioactive teeth already removed (see instructions page 419). This could take 2 days of non-stop mouthwashes. Be prepared to see symptoms change as the location of Po chips changes during the mouthwashing. They will then find new landing spots and reach different tumors and organs through the tooth nerves.
  12. The tester should check the dental canal at several missing tooth locations to see if it is clear. When clear of uranium and polonium ask tester to find uranium and polonium at tooth locations*.
  13. Extract amalgam-containing teeth that have polonium or uranium. Clean each socket with the Huggins technique, namely burs that shear away the tiny ligaments that had attached the tooth to the jawbone. If left inside, a chronic bone infection can result to prevent solid bone from replacing it. This cleaning also fetches out any radioactive crumbs that accidentally fell into the cavities. Future metastases are caused by these crumbs. After washing and suctioning vigorously plug the socket to prevent further entries into it (see Sources).
  14. Next trim away the gum for 3 to 4 mm, and the gum margin for 2 mm along the whole length of the tooth space. It is saturated with mercury, chromium, copper and other metals besides the radioactive elements. Trim away the whole papilla. Leave the plug in place till ready to suture.
  15. After 30 hours test the new sockets, made during recent extractions, for mercury, polonium, uranium. There should be none. If still contaminated, test canal and gingival tissue (gums) for left over bits. Then test the socket (bone). Arrange the socket test with tooth number first, then the bone slide, followed by household bleach or uranium or polonium.
  16. If no more radioactivity is found in remaining amalgam-teeth and the patient requests replacement, drill out the amalgam for replacement. Use the Solorio designed dam with wax strip around the tooth under the dam as well as a wax collar on top of the dam. This is to reduce the number of drillings that escape below the dam. They slide into the canal as well as getting caught by salivary glands and other soft tissues of the mouth.
  17. Wait 30 hours from dental surgery before testing to get valid test results. If the patient had chronic pain also test for chromium. If the patient had leukemia, also test for copper. If the patient had nervous system disease also check for thallium (Tl is the constant companion of Hg). Leave teeth open till tested for residual metals.
  18. When all amalgam or other metal has been removed replace with household bleach-free composite or a paste variety to suit the need of the patient.
  19. Advise patient to rinse once with Dental Bleach while leaving the dental chair and then resume gentle water-mouthwashes on trip home. Do not miss the first critical half-hour when radioactivity is still loose in the mouth. Continue mouthwashes till the canal is clear again. This can, again, take 2 days, non-stop.
  20. Next, old composite fillings can be tested for radioactivity. If the composite fillings were placed on old amalgam sites arrange the test* with the Hg next to the tooth number followed by plastic (Ce).
  21. Extract radioactive composite-teeth. Since composite is brittle and much radioactive dust is created, use a Solorio dam as before. The extraction procedure itself produces dozens of fairly large crumbs that easily fall into the cavity being created. Clean cavity using Huggins method with several burs. Wash and suction intensively. Then plug the socket with earplugs, suitably cut (see Sources). Trim away the gum surface, margin, and papilla with Solorio technique. Use undiluted Dental Bleach as disinfectant. Follow with gentle water mouthwashes immediately to avoid return of uranium or other particles through settling. At home switch to gentle EDTA mouthwashes, non-stop. Healing is substantial in 2 days.
  22. The patient must clear the canal again to prevent radioactive dust and crumbs from settling. Mouthwashes with EDTA alone are sufficient if done for 2 to 3 days throughout the day. If not perfectly cleared each left over particle will start its own metastasis later.
    All old and new extraction sites need Solorio gum-trimming to remove chromium in pain diseases, mercury and thallium in brain disorders, uranium in abscess diseases, and polonium in cancer.
  23. Repair tooth cavities (caries) with paste varieties (phosphates) for sensitive patients and composite for others, household bleach-free.
  24. Ask tester to search for left over abscess bacteria, Streptococcus pyogenes in all 4 jawbone quadrants and at suspicious teeth. Clean such areas with pressurized water and straight Dental Bleach (.2% bleach). Note: If periodontal or other cleaning is done before all radioactive teeth are removed, it spreads the uranium and polonium to other teeth and all soft tissues of the mouth.
  25. Replace crowns and other prosthetic materials with non-radioactive replacements. For final testing, make soak water and test by Syncrometer®. The Geiger counter cannot test liquids or wet materials. Test for α, β and γ radiations.
  26. Repair infected or broken teeth.
  27. If you, the patient, still have pain, anywhere, make a body wipe at these locations and test for OPT, chromium, household bleach, and Strep. pyogenes. Positive results mean there is still Po for the cancer, chromium and chlorox for the pain and S. pyogenes for the abscesses.
  28. Continue EDTA mouthwashes 4 hours a day or more, followed at bedtime with application of calcium supplement powder sprinkled on toothbrush to alkalize and protect teeth.

To Find Abscesses

Uranium seems to attract abscess bacteria, Streptococcus pyogenes. They require cobalt which is found where your tooth-uranium is found, in fillings. Each bacterium gets its tiny shield of U. Gradually, the abscess bacteria invade a small part of the tooth and then the jawbone itself. Finally, they try to enter the brain at the base of the skull. The uranium sticks tightly to the abscess bacteria, but is attracted to the brain, possibly because of its high phosphate content. The invasion of the brain is completely silent. There is no fever or swelling to alarm you. They pass quietly through the same hole as is used by the spine, passing upward into the medulla and then turning downward to the bottom of the spine.

From the bottom of the spine the uranium-cloaked pyogenes can travel back to the top of the brain with the cerebrospinal fluid. It can also travel sideways to the hip bones to start abscesses there. As long as the bacteria have room to travel they do not cause pressure and pain. But when they are blocked by an organ the pressure buildup can cause excruciating pain.

Back in the brain they might turn into a cyst or be held in check by the WBCs. The amazing fact is that the brain can be infected by bacteria and the victim feels no symptoms at all.

If you have attacks of excruciating pain in your body, suspect an abscess, and treat with antibiotic of the penicillin family first. If there is some reduction, it supports the abscess theory, since Streptococci are killed by it. This should lead you to your teeth for dental inspection first. A tooth abscess may give no symptoms as it spawns body abscesses.

Wherever uranium goes, our main neurotransmitters stop being produced. Epinephrine levels drop first, leaving that organ in poverty—the organ can accomplish much less now. Soon acetyl choline is missing, too. Now the organ goes into failure.

Mouth Chelation

EDTA, IP6, and citric acid taken as supplements and one after another as mouthwashes can remove the uranium by pulling it off the brain phosphates or kidney phosphates for excretion. This could also explain why chelation therapy is so useful for cancer patients.

There is no way to identify polonium- or uranium-contaminated amalgam and tissues except with a Syncrometer® or radiation detector. But a rubbing, made on any tooth, can give you the answer, quickly.

A sliver of emery board, 1 inch long and 1/8” wide, rubbed vigorously on the mercury filling may be enough for the Syncrometer® tester if each sliver is put in its own zippered bag. Label the tooth using a drawing (see page 371). No water should be added, but the rubbed surface should be faced downward on the test plate in the plastic bag. The tester should search for tooth number first to be sure the rubbing is from the correct tooth. Then search for Po, U, and household bleach. You could also test for lead, which can give frequent attacks of Herpes Virus I and II. Cadmium could give you high blood pressure or vitiligo. Chromium could give you pain or yeast growth. Use this opportunity to understand your health problems.


The IP6 Mouthwash And Gargle

  • 10 to 20 drops IP6 in ½ cup of warm water.
  • Take small mouthfuls, keeping each one about 4 minutes before spitting out.
  • When gargling, tilt your head from side to side to let the water in deeper. Do not swallow this.

The EDTA Mouthwash And Gargle

  • Empty 1 capsule, 500 mg., on top of a half-cup of water.
  • Swish mouth and gargle for about 4 minutes before spitting out. Use small mouthfuls. Do not swallow this.

The Citric Acid Mouthwash And Gargle

  • ½ to 1 capsule ( ¼ tsp.) citric acid in a cup of water.
  • Swish mouth and gargle for 3 to 4 minutes before spitting out. Do not swallow this.

Each of these supplements must be frozen for disinfection as usual. Before bedtime brush your teeth with a calcium supplement capsule to restore calcium and alkalinity to them for the night. Use about ¼ capsule sprinkled on toothbrush. IP6 and citric acid are the most corrosive for the remaining teeth. If you have sensitive teeth or develop sensitivity, use only the EDTA but increase the time used for mouthwashing.

If you have neurological disease or malignant melanoma do not try to save amalgam-filled teeth even if not radioactive. For you, these should not be drilled either. Even mercury dust will worsen the symptoms. Extract them and replace with dentures. You can’t expect to be much better, though, until you have removed the mercury from all the gums and dental canal besides old sockets. Do this by dental gum trimming and socket cleaning. At the same time, do gargling and mouthwashes. In malignant melanoma mercury is part of the “personal antigen” which includes phenylalanine, making you allergic to mercury as well as toxic from it. It contributes to PGE2 at each melanoma.

In between all these dental procedures, you, the patient, must avoid mouth infection most of all. You must not lose weight. And you should not suffer unnecessary pain or trauma. To accomplish all this, follow the Dental Aftercare program (page 422). Focus on this during your dental work. Use a household bleach-free painkiller (see Sources). In addition, do mouthwashes throughout the day, beginning as soon as you leave the dental chair.

These will seem like near-miraculous procedures in their efficiency, absence of pain and low cost. Dentistry, at least Mexican dentistry, can be very rewarding.

Patient Responsibility

  • Your responsibility is to keep the dental canal (sulcus) clear of polonium or uranium bits so the tester is not confused.
  • Your other responsibility is to blend your food with so much liquid that you can drink it with a straw past the open tooth zone. This also prevents weight loss.
  • Paint your fingertips with Lugol’s drops to remind you not to put them in your mouth.

Congratulations to yourself and your successful dentist!

If you removed all polonium and uranium from your teeth, all malignancies will be gone, too, without continuing the curing program.

Tumors are forced to shrink. Even warts (papillomas), polyps, cysts, moles, “tags” and calluses will begin to shed without any effort on your part. Some skin blemishes and  crusts will peel or rub off. They had been growing from the radioactive stimulation.

Parasites disappear in large numbers with little effort. Search after a liver cleanse when you are likely to see the most.
Give yourself excellent grades. You have saved your own life and shone a light on your path for others to follow.

Dental Aftercare

Extractions do not automatically clear up infections. And antibiotics cannot be relied on either. So a vigorous program is needed to clear up mouth infection even after the infected teeth are pulled. Clostridium bacteria are ready to eat all the tiny morsels of dying gum tissues. Strep pyogenes is ready to eat anything with cobalt or uranium in it, such as old amalgam mush. This Dental Aftercare program is successful in killing Clostridium and Strep pyogenes.

Copy the next few pages and carry them with you to the dental office. Your friend could review them while waiting.

You will need:

  • a water pick
  • hot water, towels
  • pure salt  (see Sources)
  • Dental Bleach, NSF (see Sources)
  • one or two stainless steel strainers for food preparation
  • blender with non-seeping blades (see Sources)

Purchase these before your dental appointment. Practice using the water pick beforehand, too.

Also purchase chlorox-free painkillers to get you through the first night.

  • In Mexico, purchase Dorixina forte (not regular). Freeze ahead of time. Take one hour before your appointment.
  • In USA, purchase Tylenol Extra Strength, the quick acting kind. Take 2, 15 minutes before your appointment.

These pre-appointment painkillers are to reduce the pain of the anesthetic shots.

Stop using vitamin C for 24 hours before appointment. It seems to counteract the anesthetic so much more is needed.

The immune power of your arterial blood is much greater than in your veins. How can you bring arterial blood into the jaw area to heal it faster after dental work? Simply by hot-packing it from the start!

Just before leaving the dentist's office, as soon as you are out of the chair, rinse with Dental Bleach, followed by gentle mouthwashes. Carry your own squirt bottle of each and a “dental bag”. All the while you are traveling home, swish with water, using this bag to spit out discreetly.

The next 3 hours are the most critical. Uranium, polonium, household bleach  have all been set free like a swarm of wasps from their nest. When they land on your tonsils, salivary glands, or clefts in your cheeks who will get them out again? You must keep them moving constantly till they are outside your body. Your skillful dentist churned them up for you. But you have the job of getting them out of your body so they cannot start metastases.  Keep the cotton plug in place for you to bite down on and reduce bleeding, even while swishing. Don't suction the water forcefully around your mouth.

The first day of dental after care is critical. If you miss this, a massive spread of infection can occur because the mouth is always a "den of bacteria", and your own tooth infection is itself the source.

A few hours later apply a hot towel to the outside of your face where the dental work was done. Wring a washcloth out of the hottest water you can endure. Or fill a plastic bag halfway with hot water, zipping it shut securely and enclosing it in a second plastic bag. Do this for 20 minutes, 3 times a day and every time you feel pain for a few days. Then 2 times a day for a week—even when there is no pain.

Don't suck liquids through a straw till Day 2 when you need to pass food safely over your teeth. Don’t allow your tongue to suck the wound site, and don't put fingers in your mouth. If this is an ingrained habit, paint your fingertips with Lugol’s iodine.

As the anesthetic wears off there will be very little pain. But you could introduce bacteria yourself, by eating, or by putting fingers into your mouth. Consider your mouth a surgery site, off limits to everything! But the mouth cannot be bandaged and you must eat! To be successful, eat a big meal just before your dental appointment. Then drink nothing but water later on, the day of extractions. You may need a painkiller on the first night; choose a non-aspirin variety to minimize bleeding.

Bleeding should have reduced considerably by bedtime. The cotton plug put in your mouth by the dentist may be thrown away. If you need another one, make it yourself out of a tightly rolled paper towel the shape and size of a finger. Rinse it several times with pure water by squeezing it. Rinse your mouth with Dental Bleach once more before bed.

Dental Day Two

The next day (the day after your surgery) you need to be well fed, yet eat no solids, or liquids with particles in them. The particles easily lodge in your wound. Your choices are:

  1. Soup broth, strained, with HCl drops added (see Recipes page 577).
  2. Herb teas, sweetened, strained, with HCl drops added.
  3. Fruit or vegetable juice, strained, with HCl drops added.
  4. Puddings made of starch or flour, thinned with fruit juice to be drinkable, with HCl drops added.
  5. Cream shakes made with heavy whipping cream (and other beverages), with HCl drops added.
  6. Supplements that are in capsule or drop form.

Run foods through the finest strainer. All food should be ozonated or frozen or sonicated to sterilize it.

Drink through a straw to get the food past the tooth zone. Immediately after eating, rinse your mouth with a cup of warm water to which you have added ¼ tsp. pure salt. Then disinfect with Dental Bleach, using 2 or 3 strong squirts in ¼ cup water. So far our only cases of infection (2 per year) were patients who did not use their Dental Bleach due to misunderstanding. If pain increases instead of decreases on the second day use the Dental Bleach straight, with 1 or 2 squirts directly in mouth. Continue swishing and hot packing for one hour. Stop using sweetener. Devote the whole day to fighting this infection. If the pain subsides, the infection has been cleared. If not, you will need a more forceful stream of water. Begin using the water pick at its lowest speed setting. Water pick repeatedly until the pain clears. (It could take four hours!)

Hot pack the outside of your face just as on the first day. Even in the night, if pain strikes, hot pack it at once and rinse with straight Dental Bleach. If pain is subsiding on the second day, you are being successful. But the gums are not healed; you cannot take chances yet on eating solid food. Nearly all infections come from eating solid food on the second day.

Floss the remaining teeth with homemade floss, being extra gentle. For floss, cut strips of plastic shopping bags, ¼ inch by four inches. Rinse them with very hot water. Fish line floss and toothbrush are too harsh after dental work. Clean teeth by hand-rubbing, using paper towel wound around your finger and dampened, then dipped into oregano oil toothpowder (see Program).

Devote the whole day to spitting out the uranium and polonium particles that your dentist loosened and raised to the surface for you.

Also rinse your mouth with Dental Bleach 4 times during the day and bedtime.

When you can tolerate toothbrushing use peroxide (5 drops) on your brush once a day.

Dental Day Three

On the third day, you may drink blended solid food; do not try to chew solids with remaining teeth. Use a blender with blades that do not seep metal (see Sources).

Again, spend the whole day swishing your mouth. Particles that fall down may get into the gum spaces again and require redrilling. The first 3 days are critical. It may be your last chance to find and remove the radioactivity. This time add EDTA to the water, all the better to pick up metal dust that has returned to the canal.

Use your water pick now after each meal. It must be hardened first or you will get the seepage from it into your wounds and brain. Simply fill to the top with steaming hot water and let stand ½ hour. Repeat. Then fill the tank with hot tap water to which you have added a few drops of Lugol's iodine, or 1 tsp. colloidal silver, or pure salt. Set it at the gentlest level at first, squirting each site gently. Floss the front teeth and finger-rub them with oregano oil toothpowder and calcium powder at night.

No matter how carefully you eat, you will see food entering the gum spaces. Notice how difficult it is to squirt out any trapped food. Swishing is not sufficient! You need to water pick till all spaces are cleared; inspect each one. Continue hot packing. Continue disinfecting with Dental Bleach. If pain returns and all this has not succeeded in clearing it after 4 hours, you must hurry back to the dentist to search for the food particle. The wound will be opened and cleaned out for you.

Avoid Weight Loss

It is a handicap to your body’s healing plan to lose weight. Blend all your solid foods, even meats, salads, desserts, adding an herb tea or broth. You may even regain lost weight this way and build up muscles again. Take more digestive enzymes with liquid food than solid food to help digestion.

Taking Out Stitches

Two days is all that a person with low immunity can wait when a dead object (stitches) is imbedded in the tissues; it will develop an infection of its own. Your stitches are being sterilized with the Dental Bleach. The dentist will grab the knot with the left hand, using forceps, pulling it up to make a space below the thread, and pushing scissors into the space to snip the thread. It is quite painless.

If you should get caught in Day 3 on a Sunday with an inflammation building, you could ask a friend to do it for you this way: Find a pharmacy that can sell you high quality small scissors and tweezers. Wash your hands in Lugol’s water for a full minute or straight vodka. Your friend should do the same. Soak the instruments in a cup or zippered bag of the alcohol. Dry with a paper towel. Hold your mouth open toward a strong light. Use your freshly sterilized fingers to hold it open. Your friend can snip the free end of the suture knot again and again, without help of forceps. When the knot is reached, the loops will fall apart and can be pulled straight away. It is totally painless.

Dental Bleeding

A moderate amount of bleeding is normal, even days later. Bleeding caused by water picking is not too serious. But if you sense an emergency, apply ice cubes wrapped in a paper towel or washcloth. Bite down on them till bleeding stops. Continue ice packing for 4 hours. Check your pills for aspirin. Stop taking these. After bleeding has stopped for 2 hours return to hot packing. If ice packing does not stop the bleeding, go back to the dentist or emergency room. The usual cause is hidden infection.

If you have a very low platelet count or are on a large amount of "blood thinners", which promote bleeding you need special attention. Yet, oral surgery is a very skilled profession. Dental work is safe in the surgeon's hands. Platelets, or a transfusion, can be given just beforehand; blood thinners can be temporarily stopped. These same patients often state that they feel better, immediately after the dental extraction, than they can remember in months! It was the dental problem that was poisoning their platelets and their blood! It may be the last transfusion that will be needed, in spite of some unavoidable blood loss with dental extractions.

Be Vigilant the Next Week

Continue water picking and rinsing your mouth with Dental Bleach after each meal for a week. Continue EDTA swishes for 4 hours a day to avoid future metastases and more dental work. Floss and brush your front teeth once a day.

Clostridium can return even after a week of steady recovery. If you detect an odor from your mouth, at any time, it is Clostridium making a comeback. Try bleaching, swishing, and water picking for half a day, till odor is completely gone. Hurry back to the dentist if the odor persists. You cannot recover with a mouth infection.

If you got through the whole process without needing more than one nights' painkiller and without needing to return to the dentist for extra clean up, give yourself excellent grades. And if you got through, in any way, still give yourself very good grades!

It is common for dentists to recommend cold packing to reduce swelling after dental work. I recommend hot packing because I consider swelling less important than infection or pain. It is also common for dentists to rely on antibiotics to clear up infection. I find this is not sufficient. The whole Dental Aftercare program is needed.


Plastic Fillings

If a tooth with composite has never had an amalgam filling and does not contain household bleach, polonium or uranium, you could harden the plastic with the toothbrush zappicator (page 431) instead of replacing it. Next day a test of the saliva should show no plastic tooth materials*. If it does, repeat the zappication. If it still does, replace the filling with a “paste variety”.

Plastic fillings may now be saved by a technique for plastic hardening in the mouth. But risk is present since it is new and not yet widely used.

Such teeth can be kept clean by once daily brushing with oregano oil toothpowder and once daily peroxide brushing.

Only further research will reveal whether new plastic fillings can be so well hardened and kept so well fitting that no seeping occurs and no crevices develop.

Home Dentistry

Search your mouth yourself, every month, for a fresh cavity. It will be a small brown discoloration. Rub this spot twice daily, once with oregano oil toothpowder and once with calcium powder taken from ¼ capsule of a supplement powder (see Sources). Purchase a long-handled dental mirror (from automotive supply store) so your helper can see the backsides of your teeth.

There may be a time when dentistry can safely fill a small hole but it is not now. Research is progressing in other countries to bring healing methods to small tooth infections instead of new kinds of fillings. Search the Internet to keep pace with it. Remember that teeth are bones! Your diet should have calcium and vitamin D3 in it. Ascaris parasites soften teeth and bones. Kill them regularly. Avoid sugar on your teeth and gums. Brush it out and alkalinize them with calcium powder before bedtime.

Each morning do a 5-minute mouthwash with plain water to wash the dental canal before drinking water.

Jerome Tattoo Removal

In the past, when amalgam was being put into your teeth or drilled out, tiny drillings and dust bits got away or flew away with great force into your mouth. It landed in your cheek folds, in neighboring gums, in exposed bone nearby and in the bottom of newly made sockets. Nobody will ever see these again, or so it was thought. (And guilt can never be laid.)

The larger bits of amalgam, called tattoos, can be seen on the panoramic or digital x-ray. Your dentist has already spotted them no doubt. But smaller particles do not show up. You must ask the dentist whether he or she is equipped to search visually, with a magnifier and remove them all regardless how painstaking the job is. This and many more facts of dentistry are discussed by Frank Jerome, D.D.S. in his book, Tooth Truth (search the Internet). Each quadrant of your mouth needs a careful examination for mercury tattoos.

Tooth Zappicator

A tooth zappicator is a small loudspeaker fastened to the end of a toothbrush. The speaker is attached to your food zappicator circuit, which produces a frequency of 1 kHz.

Cavitations are old unhealed holes in your jawbone. Even when you are not able to search for them first, many hidden cavitations can be systematically cleared by zappicating along the whole ridge where teeth once were. Do it yourself to be sure it is thorough.

Repeat on inner and outer surfaces of the gums, making three treatments altogether. Don’t miss the remaining teeth themselves.

The tooth zappicator can also be used to harden plastic. Press it against plastic teeth or teeth with plastic fillings to get this hardening action. For this purpose, treat for five minutes on top of each tooth location, then take a break for at least one-half hour. Drink water to help kidneys excrete. Repeat a second time on the inner surface of each tooth location. Take another break, and repeat a third (and last) time at the outer surfaces of the gums. The effect is permanent.

Using your Tooth Zappicator

  1. Insert a 9-volt battery into the 1 kHz zapper carefully, to be sure polarity is correct.
  2. Connect the Positive output of the zapper to the Positive terminal of the loudspeaker. Do not use any Negative connections. They should not have hanging wires either.
  3. Tape the zapper to the tabletop to guard against slippage while in use. A loudspeaker that falls to the floor could change its polarity.
  4. Protect the tooth zappicator by placing it in a plastic zippered bag, with the loudspeaker in a bottom corner. Wrap the bag around it, handle and all, snugly. Tape in place. Be sure to keep saliva out of the plastic bag and off the bare tooth zappicator.
  5. Wipe with ordinary ethanol or any alcoholic beverage or Lugol’s water before first use. Do not get liquid inside.
  6. Turn the zapper on. Place loudspeaker firmly on jawbone ridge for three (or five) minutes.
  7. Start at the extreme end of one jawbone and work toward the other, skipping nothing. When you come to a tooth, place loudspeaker squarely on top of it. DO NOT TREAT METAL FILLINGS. Move to the neighboring location and repeat. When jawbones are both done on three surfaces, continue on all soft areas of mouth.

Divide the whole mouth, roof, sides, and back into imaginary little squares. Treat each square for 5 minutes. Leave no surface unzappicated. Don’t miss the inside of the cheeks and the tonsils as far as you can reach. Drink water several times to help with excretion. Be sure to take a dose of hydrangea, selenite and vitamin C first. Be prepared for some detox symptoms.

You are returning immune power to your mouth.

For years, ever since you had amalgam put in your mouth, the 40 metals you were sucking on have been dissolving and moving into the rest of your body in tiny deposits. I can estimate, by extrapolation from Syncrometer® tests, there are about 1000 such deposits in cancer patients, mostly in the brain and spinal cord. Some of these also have polonium and uranium, setting the stage for cancer and its metastases. If you are terminally ill with these, you can still save yourself by quickly removing all metal and plastic teeth by extraction.

But gum trimming and socket cleaning will still be necessary for good results. You must reach the result of zero radioactivity in the mouth.

(from "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers", page 407-434, Copyright notice)

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