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Who was Dr. Clark

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Diseases And Protocols

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Organs have food allergens. You can strengthen a sick organ by removing its food allergen

Chlorogenic acid, Pfloridzin and Gallic acid are allergens respectively of the organs hypothalamus, pituitary and pancreas. By removing foods containing these allergens, you remove the stages starting a cancer.

Allergy Explosion

L-tyramine is a normal phenolic amine, formed from the phenolic amino acids, l-tyrosine, andl1-phenyl alanine. L-­tyrosine will make your l-thyroxine, your normal thyroid hormone. Your metabolism uses l-forms only. The d-amino acids cannot be used by the body.

The d-forms of tyramine are made by a ordinary soil bacteria released by Fasciolopsis buski, the Bacillus cereus. A special amine “d-tyramine”  produced by this bacteria,  can turn nearby substances from l-form to d-form like itself and where d-forms are made northerly zones change to southerly.

The Fasciolopsis stage comes on the scene because there were heavy metals probably from drinking water that turned a small part of the body from north to south.

The change in amino acid structure from l- to d- alerts the tissue to call in the allergy-fighting mechanism. This is called PGE2 .(prostaglandin E2)

But this situation is made much worse when food after food that we eat has many d-forms of amino acids and d-forms of phenolics. They stimulate more PGE2  to be made, because the body considers them allergens, too.

We should eat only the freshest of food because these have l-forms. We should carefully avoid aged food, regardless of its chemical preservation to avoid getting more d-forms. The F. buski fluke is acting as a catalyst for this allergy explosion.

The allergy explosion fills us up with inflammations from PGE2. The inflammations open the doorways of our cells to bacteria and viruses. Now we get sick.

The liver will not be able to digest and detoxify all the substances in a food. Food is a complex mixture and therefore we might be eating healthy food thinking it is doing us good, but instead our liver is not able to detox all its  substances.

You are not what you eat, but what you are able to digest

We have seen how Fasciolopsis buski bring allergies, but also  Salmonella enteriditis does. How it does this, is not yet known. Its preferred location is in your pancreas, impeding the formation of the pancreatic juices necessary for digestion.

If your liver is overburdened or has turned southerly in some spots it will not be able to keep up its detox job. Do liver cleanses every two weeks. A cleaner liver gives you better digestion, fewer parasites, and less allergies. Kill parasites, bacteria, and oncoviruses. Switch this organ back to north.  Zappicate your food. Remove metals

Check the allergen location table

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