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Who was Dr. Clark

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Diseases And Protocols

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If you now have a beginning cancer, with just a small tumor, less than the size of a marble, you may be able to clear it up with the simple program given in the first book, The Cure For All Cancers.  Many patients reported that they did. But in that program we stopped only the malignancy part of the tumor. Then we went on a major clean up program for your lifestyle. Your teeth, your diet, your home and your body products were all cleared thoroughly from those things that burden your immune system. After this your own immune power returned to remove the tumor without clinical help. You were advised to stay on a Maintenance Program of killing parasites regularly and keeping a clean environment.

In order to do the "Beginning Cancer program" follow through with :



If you once had a beginning cancer and tumors went away without help from a more drastic, clinical method, you know you did the right things then. Nevertheless, you should remember that you WERE TARGETED. You were targeted by a specific parasite, specific bacteria and a specific virus, as you will see. None of us knew the specific radioactive element, polonium, or its partners that make up the cancer-complex or cluster that starts your cancer. Your immune system rescued you even while you neglected many important things. That is the magic (not yet understood) power of the immune system. But once targeted, you can never be "untargeted". To live safely past the five-year mark and have a NORMAL lifespan you will always need to kill these former invaders regularly and protect your immune system. You may have done nothing about your dentalware or water supply or house-radioactivity. But luck is not dependable. It is an insecure way to live. If you did require the help of clinical doctors at one time, you are even less secure. As you continue to drink polonium-contaminated water cancer is bound to find a new organ to grow in.

Check our Cancer page  in order to prevent a recurrence.

Cancer recurs because it is a systemic disease caused by a chain of events that has eluded us till now. It can be compared to mold developing in a loaf of bread or termites entering a house. They will never leave on their own. Once you see these, it is already far past the beginning and almost too late. The whole loaf and the whole house are at risk, not just where the trouble is spotted. Organ and body destruction, which happen in cancer, may appear to be stopped. But they may have merely moved to another location or be having their ups and downs. The disease can never be trusted even if you were told by the surgeon "they got it all". The recurrence will not be noticed until it has become advanced.

Also be sure to give yourself time limits and objective tests, such as cancer markers and scans, so you know with certainty how effective your chosen program is for you. Avoid x-rays if possible, they are too damaging. Substitute ultrasounds where possible. If x-rays are necessary, use as few exposures as possible, not dozens. If scans are used avoid being injected with dyes, lanthanides (like gadolinium), or radio-activity (like technetium) to make you "glow" on the Negative. It makes no sense to apply more radiation, even though it is not the alpha type (most harmful), when radiation is at the root of the whole disease! The scanning industry has taken on a life of its own, with less regard for yours. Certainly, it is easier to see a detail, but minute details seldom count. Find a cooperative doctor with conservative, least invasive methods, but with realism.

Monitor your progress through aThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Taken from: (The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers, page 26")

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