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Benzene activates malaria, triggers the HIV virus and causes immune deficiency in AIDS.

Benzene is  our worse immune depressant. It goes to the bone marrow where B-cells are made and to the thymus where T-cells are programmed. An extremely toxic solvent, that dissolves grease very quickly. The living body is made of greases. Fats and oils are in the brain and spinal cord, in our nerves and the protective covering of every living cell. Benzene can dissolve them. 

Our white blood cells are forced to stop eating our enemies after they get benzene onto their membranes. One of benzene's actions is to let viruses into our genome. A special enzyme called viral integrase allows this whenever benzene is present.

The main source of the benzene is the chlorox bleach in drinking water. HIV and AIDS patients all are drinking benzenated water produced by adding chlorox bleach to the water. Any test of chlorox bleach using a Syncrometer® reveals it.

Another source of benzene is a fungus, Potato Ring Rot. It produces a mycotoxin, zearalenone, which interferes with reproduction by causing feminization in animals. Zearalenone is detoxified by the body to benzene and finally to formic acid. Potato Ring Rot also grows in the dead remains of the parasite Macracanthorhyncus.

The huge increase in consumption of potatoes, mechanically prepared as for potato chips and French fries brings zearalenone as moldy areas would not be recognized by the machines. This would lead to benzene increase and immune lowering.

Benzene's accidental entry into the food chain has done great harm, but should have been expected with development of the gasoline engine. Carelessness with bleach quality, as it gets into the drinking water from use of filters and softeners attached by homeowners, besides the water departments' additions seem to be the actual causes.

Benzene appears to activate malaria and to trigger the HIV virus.

It would be quite unwise to start taking immune boosters when benzene is in your water supply from an attached filter or softener.

Our agencies, FDA and EPA, have been vigilant over benzene in air, household chemicals and even gasoline but were never in a position to test food or water correctly. Using antiquated tests that can only find benzene in parts per billion (ppb) would never protect American citizens. Although the legal limit set by our agencies was 5 ppb, I never detected such huge amounts. If I had, such families would be languishing in hospitals. Our immunodepression comes from much smaller amounts. We must be protected from parts per trillion (ppt) amounts, a thousand-fold smaller. This is what I routinely find in processed foods. The entry of benzene into the food chain was not noticed because of this technical problem. Now it is in and on our food in such large amounts, most private testing labs can detect it.

Benzene has become a huge food problem, due to contamination with food spray and chlorox bleach water. Benzene comes right from your favorite supermarket and organic food store. You must stop using or eating everything that has it. Your food must be tested for it to be safe.

The body does not have a "safe amount" of benzene. But, as more and more benzene gets discovered in food, the public agencies will give up and shift their focus to higher "undetectable harm" amounts to spare the food industry. Beware of such shifts in wording, as "significant risk level" or "no detectable harm level". This is a deception, not science-based. It is meant to lead us to complacency over our failure to keep benzene out of food. Our children's health will be sacrificed for this. It will raise our cancer, malaria, HIV and AIDS incidence even higher. The focus should stay on zero amounts as it presently is, and, science-based.

Benzene also enters our food with flavors, colors and fragrance. It enters with pills, whether they are over the counter drugs, food supplements, or prescriptions. Flavors and colors were extracted and manufactured with solvents that came from the petroleum industry, including benzene. It was falsely believed that you could easily evaporate it out of the product. And certainly, enough came off to allow the product to come under the "limit" of detection for the measuring device. But it only gave us false security.

There are more ways that petroleum products come in contact with food. For example, the grain* that will make your bread is doused with “mineral oil” to keep the dust down. It has traces of benzene. And wherever petroleum grease is used—like in baking pans under cookies and breads!—benzene rides along. It may be surprising to find benzene in so many places where the temperature was raised above its boiling point; that is no safeguard. It was evidently trapped or it recondensed.

The attitude of manufacturers and producers is: "You can expect benzene to be everywhere. It's even in the air and the blacktop in your driveway. It's negligible. As long as we meet FDA & EPA requirements, where's the problem?"

Benzene has been known to cause cancer for decades, especially the leukemias. That is why our agencies were given the important task of monitoring it. Yet they have failed to protect us, setting and raising legal levels instead. We have more leukemia than ever before. Why should benzene be legally permitted in beer when half the men are getting cancer? Regulations should not be based on tests done solely on the food later on, when the concentration will, of course, be less, making it all the more difficult to detect. It should be based on knowledge of "what goes in". It is evidence of a lack of concern for the public's well being. Communities should not depend on government agencies.

We should be testing our food and water with the best equipment, of research quality. But we can't expect industry to create high standards for itself. Society must create them independently. There are very many retired doctors, scientists and individuals with a proactive attitude to disease prevention and societal welfare. Besides, we should not trust corporate testing nor agency testing when their personnel frequently "trade jobs". We must solve the problem of conflicts of interest. We must put renewed energy into parents' and society's responsibility to provide safe food and water for our children—children are most affected by leukemia.

* Search  "Grain Dust Explosions" on Internet.

(Extract taken from "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancer" by Dr. Hulda Clark)

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