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HIV/AIDS, is associated with malaria. All our cases would be considered subclinical malaria.

Malaria goes where Fasciolopsis buski goes and where benzene is positive.

Quinones (6 anti-malarial drugs  in copy drops) remove it.  The effect of removing chlorox from the drinking water on their first day may be the strongest of the variables that improves malaria. The response may also be immediate because the quinone medicines are strong oxidizers. They also do precisely what is needed to disable the ferrocyanide part of the cancer-complex, at the same time as killing malaria parasites.

We have seen no drug resistance in 2 years of use. In fact, out of 6 quinones chosen, all were effective in our setting of benzene removal.

By treating the malaria, based on Syncrometer® identification, the symptoms improve dramatically in 2 days. Flu, Salmonella, and E. coli, besides malaria (falciparum), will test Negative and a sense of well being returns.

The anti-malarials chosen are common quinone-like substances. We wait to give them until the patient has stopped drinking chlorox-treated water and started the first set of kidney cleaning drops. There are no side-effects except fatigue.

RBCs are malaria parasites’ primary food, i.e. the hemoglobin but they only attach to the RBCs with benzene

Malaria parasites roam from organ to organ, depending on which one is inflamed. They only seem to enter those exposed to radioactivity or benzene or the food antigen of that organ.

The primary organs to be attacked are your red blood cells and your liver.

The parasites’ requirement is iron and they will get it from you! They will burrow through the RBC walls (membranes) to reach the hemoglobin inside. They dismantle it all to get the iron atoms in the hemoglobin. But they don’t choose the most perfect and the best RBCs. They choose the inflamed ones with benzene and fructose in them. Maybe the membrane is thinner or more fluid here, making it easier to dig a hole. The source of the benzene is the chlorox bleach these patients were drinking in their water, similar to cancer patients, so when the program is started with a change in water, the malaria immediately improves, too.

Fructose is the allergen for the RBCs, making the cell channels stand open and causing PGE2 to be made.

It is important for the malaria patient to avoid honey, aspirin, and lemons because these contain the main malaria allergens; fructose, ASA, and limonene.

How could all these patients get malaria and when did they get it? The most direct explanation is the increase of chlorox use in food and water.

It could also be explained by a huge increase in consumption of potatoes, mechanically prepared as for potato chips and French fries. Moldy areas would not be recognized by the machines. This would lead to benzene increase due to the Ring Rot fungus that produces the mycotoxin zearleanenone which carries benzene leading to immune lowering.

There is a large literature on subclinical malaria on the Internet. through spread of one brand of laundry bleach, bringing with it uranium, polonium, benzene, potassium ferrocyanide, and automotive products.

My preliminary data from Syncrometer® testing shows that a somewhat similar complex as the cancer-complex is formed in malaria. In malaria the cerium part of a similar complex, the malaria-mutagen-complex, bonds to the DNA of malaria parasites.

Benzene appears to activate malaria and to trigger the HIV virus.

As health deteriorates, the condition called AIDS is reached.

Checking back over several years of HIV and AIDS patients the MALARIA CONNECTION became visible here, too. Making homeographic copies of their saliva samples made a “library” of cases possible. Examining them for Plasmodium falciparum showed an astounding 90% had both malaria and HIV!

HIV and AIDS patients all are drinking benzenated water produced by adding chlorox bleach to the water. Any test of chlorox bleach using a Syncrometer® reveals it.


  1. Quinone drop set
  2. Search for PGE2 at WBCs and liver and search for fructose, ASA, limonene at  RBCs. Remove food allergies at  organs  (PGE2 should not resonate with food)
  3. Remove Po with IP6, inositol, hexaphosphate or EDTA chelator
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