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In HIV patients a similar mutagen-complex has been made as in malaria and cancer. But in this case the cerium part of the complex bonds to the CD4 lymphocyte’s DNA and also to the malaria parasite. The CD8 lymphocytes' DNA is similarly involved, but this time to the ferrocyanide, much like the cancer-complex. In fact the CD8 complex does yield OPT as a mutation and could be expected to increase their numbers. A variety of cancer-like mutations are produced from the 2 kinds of complexes, while other mutations are malaria-like.

In gay men with HIV disease, the cerium part of the complex also bonds to the medulla, an organ in the brain. The medulla now produces 3 kinds of female hormones: estradiol. estriole and estrone. The latter two are normally produced by the adrenal glands in menopausal women. I assume they are mutations produced by the medulla as a result of a similar mutagen-complex there. Gay women, with or without HIV, have not been studied; nor have gay men without HIV. But women with HIV and AIDS had 8 hormones being produced in the wrong organs, including the medulla. This could contribute to the wasting disease seen in advanced illness, besides prions.

It seems then that the 4 diseases, cancer, malaria, HIV and AIDS belong in a set, all derived through a family of mutagens that can only attach to the DNA at a particular place. The mutations will be somewhat alike and somewhat different. It can all be expected when a preformed carcinogen is found in a popular product or food. In the case of chlorox bleach, the "nitrogen MUSTARDS" and "sulfur MUSTARDS" are there. The "allyl sulfur" compounds are there, all together comprising a group of alkylating agents. They are also present in all motor oil and wheel bearing greases. Finding these automotive greases contaminating our water, even in the minutest traces, brings in these very dangerous mutagens. Undoubtedly they are the animal residues of dinosaurs that collected in the pools of crude oil that we now pump to the surface. The alkylating agents are linked to cerium through potassium ferrocyanide and ferricyanide. The common laundry bleach called chlorox contains ferrocyanide whereas NSF bleaches contain ferricyanide. Ferrocyanide links to the parasite F. buski while ferricyanide links to most other parasites. The iron cyanides are used to protect the pipes with their anti-scale and anticorrosion action. Small polonium-cerium duplexes are present in both bleaches, as they are everywhere in the environment, but the addition of iron cyanide and alkylating agents makes them particularly dangerous. It is inevitable that they should form a larger complex considering the high reactivity of cerium with DNA and with the iron cyanides. This was already known in 1953 when a book on the ferrocyanides was published. There is an abundance of active DNA in parasite stages, bacteria, and regions of high growth in animals. This makes it inevitable that the few sites that allow the carcinogen-complex to bind tightly will be found. The family of mutations representing the parasite and the iron cyanide will be produced again and again.

It is important to stop this. The cerium end of the polonium-cerium duplex could react with any active DNA. No animal (and perhaps plant) would be spared these site-specific mutations that lead to cancer, HIV, AIDS, and malaria from water with chlorox bleach. Other diseases, particularly genetic diseases, would result from water with NSF bleach.

(taken from : "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers")

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