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SV 40 is present in every cancer or HIV case I have seen in the past 5 years. This means there was no case without it. People without cancer or HIV/AIDS do not have it, but this conclusion is based on only 2 dozen, or so, case studies. It enters our tumor cells, even our bacteria. It can attach itself to other viruses. It even attaches itself to HIV virus. It appears to be attached to other viruses as if they had been joined one at a time. After a row of 3 or 4 is formed you could call it a little gang. They do not form a cluster. SV 40 is never in the middle of the row. It is always the first in line to touch a cell or a nucleus. The others do not have an order. The gang enters yeast buds, too. The cancer patient's body is full of these oncovirus gangs, though hidden inside bacteria and inside our tumor cells and maybe even in other viruses*. Each of the gang members contributes its bit to the changing behavior of their host cell no doubt. Bacteria and yeasts already had immortality before they got invaded. Somehow they benefit even more, with the extra genes of viruses at work inside them.

SV 40 does not appear to combine with all viruses, though. And it is not clear what symptoms it might itself cause, either. But transporting other viruses into our cells to make them sick, unrecognizable, and immortal, is a very important behavior. We can kill it with DMSO, six fresh seeds, turmeric, and wintergreen. Best of all, we can eliminate it by killing its host¬parasite, pancreatic fluke. We must certainly never trigger it to multiply with gallic acid. But killing is never as powerful as starving. SV 40 requires strontium, chromium, and gold!

(extracted from: “The Cure and Prevention of all Cancer”)

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