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The liver is our largest gland and one of our most important organs because everything passes through our liver.

THE LIVER IS A COLLECTING ORGAN. It collects all the blood, it collects the food from the intestines, it collects toxins from other organs, it also collects unwanted things such as parasites, bacteria and viruses.

THE LIVER IS OUR CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING PLANT. It pulls in the food from the intestine and makes the body’s chemicals from them. It activates and converts vitamins so that they can perform their metabolic functions. Toxic items are changed chemically into non-toxic items that the kidneys are able to excrete into the bladder. Fatty things are made water soluble.

THE LIVER IS OUR TRASH CLEANER. It cleans out our garbage. It cleans the blood, it cleans out the food that comes from the portal vein, it cleans out toxins assimilated for the environment or created by its own system. Once in the liver these toxins are detoxified and removed through bile secretion.

The liver’s ability to make bile is its means to clean out the liver.


THE LIVER IS COMPARTMENTALIZED. Different parts of the liver have different detoxifying jobs. One part detoxifies plastics and solvents, another part detoxifies perfumes and another newsprint ink, and so on. Foods have natural chemicals that also need detoxification. For example PIT is one such food chemical which is found in cabbage and which contains cyanides, probably to give the vegetable protection against disease, but it can take up to a week for the liver to detox cyanides. An allergic reaction means the liver can no longer detoxify the chemicals in that food.

Salmonella and Bacteroides fragilis are two bacteria that can eat bile, and can do without oxygen, so they are commonly seen in the liver. Streptococcus pneumoniae also resides in the liver without giving any symptoms

A sick person has a heavily parasitized liver because the liver stores food, so that invaders grow faster than in any other place.  But the liver has incredible regenerative functions: it is now thought that  regeneration could actually be only due to an increase in cells that multiply through regular cell divisions.

Our health reflects our liver’s health. If it is sick, we are sick.



  • Aflatoxin, the most common mycotoxin, is extremely poisonous and can incapacitate a part of the liver for days
  • Cobalt is its chief toxin
  • Liver antigen Umbelliferone is found in carrots
  • Liver flukes do not allow the liver to detox food and chemicals that are taken into your body. This invites viruses and bacteria
  • Laundry bleach water


  • Vitamin C helps the liver detox things
  • Vitamina B6 and B complex helps the liver in many ways
  • Thioctic acid helps the liver detox poisons
  • Glutathione combats aflatoxin liver damage
  • L-Cysteine regenerate the liver with new tissue
  • Glucuronic acid helps the liver detoxify bilirubin and avoid jaundice
  • Hydrochloric acid also reaches the gallbladder to help the liver kill its bacteria
  • Liver herbs remove liver toxins quickly
  • Liver cleanses to give you better digestion, fewer parasites and less allergies
  • Raw beets helps with digestion
  • Stop eating the umbelliferone in carrots (in the thin peel and in the green rings and malonic acid when they are sprayed)
  • Homeographic drops of all parts of liver to give it the correct polarization
  • Take-out drops for wheel bearing grease from all parts of the liver
  • Take –out drops cobalt from all parts of the liver
  • Take –out drops heavy metals from all parts of the liver
  • Or intravenous therapy with EDTA, B complex, laetrile and vitamin C chelation therapy
  • Plate-zap all liver parts to give it the correct polarization
  • Kill parasites including ascaris which blocks a major part of our digestive enzymes
  • Stop drinking laundry bleach water
  • Eat yellow fruit and vegetables at meals (vitamin A)
  • Digestive enzymes to help liver rid of undigested food deposits


The gallbladder contains about 30 to 50ml of concentrated bile. It is about 5 to 10 times more concentrated then when it's formed in the liver. An adult produces about 800 ml of bile daily.


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