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Who was Dr. Clark

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CkarK Zapper
Clark Zapper

The zapper is a therapy device, invented by Dr. Clark and is known worldwide. It kills small microorganisms such as parasites and gives energy to our white blood cells. To find out more about zapper go here:


Learn how to remove metals, solvents and toxins from your body, environment, and food.


All about the powerful effects of the cleanses, developed by Dr. Hulda Clark

Diseases And Protocols
Diseases And Protocols

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  • Do the parasite cleanse
  • Zap
  • Do the kidney cleanse to remove urinary tract bacteria
  • Do dentalwork
  • Take the metal removal supplements
  • Do not try to get pregnant while you are doing the above

When birds' eggs don't hatch their species is doomed. So we learned from the DDT experiment humans did with birds in the 1960s. The DDT changed the thickness of their egg shells so they cracked when the mother bird sat on them. All changes are experiments whether intentional or unintentional. Nature by itself produces sweeping changes, too, such as droughts, wind storms, fires, ice ages, but usually living things had time or mobility to adapt to them. When there wasn't time, and they couldn't run away, the species went extinct.

Are we humans an exception to this rule of adapt or perish? Nobody feels more helpless and hopeless than the infertile couple. They can not run away, time is limited, and obviously adaptation is not occurring. More likely their lineage will perish. The couples' only wish is "Give us one child, now". Surely, it is their birthright, as it is any living creature's, to reproduce.

Can we relax with the assurance that our intelligence, through the arm of science, will always rescue us? Are test tube fertilizations, fertility drugs, Cesarean section, incubators for premature babies all triumphs for science? No, they are signs of reproductive failure for the human species.

When the concern is overpopulation of this planet, reproductive failure might seem less ominous. Maybe it's no worse than the natural way any species curbs its growth rate. Maybe only those who can survive parasitism, pollution and immune deficiency should survive in order to strengthen the species. But when reproductive intervention becomes a necessity, not an option, surely the danger signal is present as it was for the DDTed birds who saw cracks develop in their eggs. The solution to our reproductive failure is not to find ever more artificial ways to conceive, to give birth, and to care for damaged babies. The solution is to fix the old fashioned way; to safeguard the natural way.

If you are unable to conceive or to provide viable sperms use an intelligent approach. Remove the obstacles. The obstacles are parasites and pollutants, the same enemies of health we have seen before.

Kill all large and small parasites with a zapper and the herbal parasite killing program. Don't try to keep a pet parasite free, give it away. Living close to another species is a luxury you can't afford at present. The pet can live with its parasites, you can't. Remember to kill bacteria and viruses, too, especially Gardnerella, Neisseria, Treponema, the ancient enemies of human reproduction.

Is it safe to kill parasites if you might be pregnant?

The electronic way of killing parasites is safe if you use a frequency generator. The frequencies of parasites and bacteria are far away from human frequencies. The treatment with each frequency is short. There are no side effects.

The zapper has not been tested and should not be used during pregnancy.


The herbal way of killing parasites has been used by pregnant women without bad effects but this is not enough safeguard. I recommend waiting until the baby is born if at all possible. The treatment is long and intense. The growing baby is exposed continuously to herbs. Perhaps this is preferable to the toxins produced by parasites. You must use your own judgment. Obviously it is wiser to take a chance on herbs than to take a chance on inheriting AIDS or "genetic" diseases.

Part two of regaining your reproductive freedom to have a child is removing pollutants- Gold, silver, copper and mercury can accumulate in the reproductive organs, wrecking the delicate hormone balance between estrogen and progesterone, or wrecking the motility of sperm. Research has not been done to search for dental metal in the uterus, ovaries and testicle of infertile couples. You can do this research yourself. Slides of ovary tissue costs less than $10.00 as do other parts of the reproductive system. Search for dental metal yourself. Remove all dental metal from your mouth, and replace it with metal-free composite. Extract teeth with root canals.

A Word Of Warning!
Be extra careful with contraception during the dental cleanup. You could get pregnant the very next day! This is no joke. It is a serious hazard to conceive a child while mercury is loose and rampant in your body from the removal process. It may be a higher risk than leaving it untouched. If you are pregnant no dentist will want to finish the job of mercury removal! Don't try to get pregnant yet.

You may have tried fertility pills, in vitro fertilization, and other methods for getting pregnant over a ten year period, all to no avail. Then you start cleaning up your body and taking your mercury out and suddenly you are pregnant before the job is complete! It may seem unreasonable and illogical to have to be careful after ten years of no worries, but play it safe.

If you fail to observe this warning and do get pregnant too soon, you may pray for miscarriage. Otherwise, take vitamin C and thioctic acid and hope for the best. Men should add daily zinc and arginine (60mg, and 450mg, respectively) to their diets. Both men and women should add vitamin E (200mg), a prenatal multivitamin and multimineral tablet, eat freshly grown vegetables for folic acid, and add vitamin C, at least a gram daily. No other supplements! Supplements polluted with heavy metals do more harm than good. If you are not sure of their purity, test one by eating it and searching for it in your immune system five minutes later. If it is there, it is harmful; eat no more.


...of pregnancy is the scourge of expectant parents. After waiting hard and long for the desired pregnancy, the mother-to-be feels rotten, salivates and gags at the thought of food, and wants no more sex. Maybe sex is ill-advised during pregnancy, no matter how reassuring the male or male-oriented obstetrician is! Maybe salivation is actually mercury excretion being attempted by the body. Maybe nausea is all about keeping toxins out of the body and away from the developing child. These are intriguing possibilities, worthy of your research expertise.

A few decades ago the treatment for nausea was a weekly B6 and B12 shot. Ask your obstetrician for this to see if it helps.

An older, herbal remedy was cinnamon tea: 2 tbs. cinnamon (bark or powder) in 2 1/2 cups boiling water, steeped for 10 minutes. Strain and add honey to taste. Dose: 1/4 cup three times a day before meals.

Nausea invites starch eating -- pasta, potatoes, rice and bread. Starches can absorb. Perhaps they absorb the noxious substances causing nausea. Make sure you add vitamin C to grains. In any case you must still eat additional nutritious food to grow your baby. In spite of craving a pickles/chocolate pudding/carbonated beverages lifestyle, you must eat mainly good food. Craving can take strange turns. Search for the taste you crave in good food and in long forgotten childhood foods.

(From: "The Cure for all Diseases", p.117ff. Copyright notice)





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