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Remove malonic acid and dyes by:

  • Taking homeographic kidney and adrenal drops
  • Vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B2 and B6, Pantothenic acid for adrenal support
  • Parsley water,  uva ursi capsules, (2 capsules, three times daily), ginger capsules (2 capsules, three times daily), l-cysteine, (500 mg), (1 capsule, three times daily) for kidney support
  • Zapping

"Water holding" is a common problem for cancer patients. Of course, it isn't really water. It is your precious lymph, full of body proteins and other important things your body made. Now you will throw it away as you drain it. But drain it you must until you can stop it from forming. If you don't, it will put pressure on neighboring organs till they can't do their work. We are very fortunate to have a clinical method available to drain, to put in a drainage tube, and sometimes to "patch" an effusion site. It buys you a little more time to find the causes.

This time the causes are malonic acid and dyes.


We are inundated in dyes-not only the legal and accepted kind, but the illegal and unacceptable kind. How could DAB, formerly used to color margarine, but long ago banned, be everywhere in our environment now? How could Sudan Black, a tissue dye, never made legal, be so prevalent now that you can see its effect on nearly every cancer patient, even in their blood test? Fast Red and Fast Red Violet cause all the effusions in cancer patients. These dyes are in the laundry bleach water.

These 2 red dyes do not act alone. to cause the effusion. They seem to block an enzyme that we all have that can detoxify maleic anhydride. Maleic anhydride comes from malonic acid.

Malonic acid is an industrial chemical, used so much that you can find residues of it in almost anything made by industry (amalgam, food spray, plastic, laundry bleach, glassware, ceramic items, for instance). We eat and drink large amounts every day in laundry bleach water, sprayed food, and from seeping dishes. The body uses several steps to detoxify it, found by Syncrometer' in 1994.

The steps are:

malonic acid → methyl malonate → maleic acid →
maleic anhydride → D-malic acid → ?

Each step depends on having enough of the necessary detoxifiers. The first two require B12 and folic acid. The last three steps are the hardest, requiring a lot of vitamin C. Maleic anhydride will often stay backed up for long periods, till much more vitamin C is available. Where it is backed up it develops a porous spot in the tissues where fluids can pass through. Thin tissues like linings of the lung or abdomen will seep fluid if a thin spot develops in them. The fluid has no way to drain out again, so it fills up the lung or the abdomen. We call them effusions or "water holding" and need to drain them if we can't stop them.

The 2 red dyes are found wherever maleic anhydride builds up. Presumably, they are blocking an enzyme that could detoxify it further.

We can treat the problem with vitamin C in large doses; somehow this bypasses any enzyme that is needed. But treating a problem without removing the cause does not last. You will have to get IV treatments of 50 gms of vitamin C again and again unless you get rid of your malonic acid source and dyes.

Finding and eliminating the source of the dyes and the malonic acid is the permanent solution. Of course, that is made easier when they both come from the same source and they often do. Then the body drains itself with a little help from potassium, boiled parsley water, and vitamin C supplements.

The causes can be very hard to find. For example, your mashed potatoes! A cooked, peeled, organic tomato! Your beautiful, superior-rated toothbrush! A plastic strainer!

The dyes and the malonic acid are deep inside the potato, too deep to come out with hot washes. The potatoes were sprayed with anti-sprouting chemicals. You can hardly find a potato that is not so sprayed! Tomatoes and carrots have the same problem. The colorful plastic toothbrush is made so soft, the colors and malonic acid diffuse into your mouth immediately, and every time you use it. These doses are much too great for the advanced patient.

If you have an effusion, switch to farmers' market produce, not store bought. Freeze it yourself for the winter so no glass or cookware is involved. Switch to a temporary place setting and stainless steel cookware till you have tested all other kitchenware.

This may be all that is needed for an early effusion-less than a year old. The dental clean up, water change. environmental clean up, and new diet might bring so powerful an immune recovery that the kidneys can drain it all without help. Then the thin spot heals and an x-ray shows a lung full of beautiful black (on the x-ray) air. Your body can still do miracles for you.
But if the effusion is older, and quite large, like half a lung full, you will need more help.

Help the kidneys and adrenal glands. Give them their missing frequencies by making drops of them to take, and zapping them. Give them parsley water, boiled 5 minutes (1/4 cup, 4 times daily).

Assume the kidneys are partly blocked with methyl malonate. It is another part of the "malonate family", I previously called the 5 M's. It is the kidneys' special toxin. This would make the drainage much more difficult for your body. It would be like trying to pour water through a clogged strainer.

To unclog the kidneys of methyl malonate, take these supplements: 1.) uva ursi capsules, 2, three times daily. 2.) ginger capsules, 2, three times daily. 3.) 1-cysteine, (500 mg), 1, three times daily. This is besides the 5 supplements needed by all adrenal glands: vitamin C, folic acid. vitamins B2 and B6, and pantothenic acid. Adrenals and kidneys work together. After a day, increase the cysteine to 2 capsules three times daily. Then measure how much urine you are making in 24 hours, noting how often you got up in the night. It should be no less than 2 ¼  quarts/liters, with no need for nighttime relief. If your urine volume jumps up, it could be your new better kidney action at work. Check the effect on your effusion with a new x-ray in 10 days.

(from: "The Prevention of all Cancer", pages 370-370. Copyright notice)

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