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Azo-dyes are synthetic colors.

Azo-dyes are known to be involved in the cancer and tumor process. Cytological biopsies have proved this.

Azo-dyes can also be found in:

  • water if it contains laundry bleach
  • water sprayed fruit and vegetables
  • enamel cookware
  • toothbrushes
  • plastic glasses and watches
  • plastic dental material


  • Vitamin B2
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • 2 hot washes on fruits and vegetables
  • Ozonator on food
  • Tooth Zappicator hardens plastic dental material so that it does not seep dyes
  • Put  toothbrushes and eyeglasses 30 minutes in very hot water (but not boiling water)  so that they do not seep dyes
  • Homeography removes dyes specifically from any organ

Find out which pollutants we should avoid or learn  more on dyes.

Copyright notice – Excerpts taken from “The Cure of all Diseases” written by Dr. Hulda Clark



  • Azo dyes cause vitamin A mutations.
  • Azo-dyes cause high LDH and alkaline phosphatase levels
  • Azo-dyes cause low BUN and creatinine levels
  • Azo-dyes cause bone marrow failure
  • The DAB p-dimethylaminoazobenzene causes elevated alkaline phosphatase levels
  • Garnet GBC Base causes death of T4 helpers. It is found on most fish, fresh or canned, and poultry.
  • Fast Green FCF blocks BUN and creatinine making enzymes
  • You will find dyes if platelets below 150, if BUN is less than 8, if creatinine is below 9, if albumin is more than 5, if globulin is less than 2 or more than 3, if alkaline phosphatase is less than 75 and more than 95.
  • Fast Red and Fast Red Violet cause edema and effusates to develop in the lungs, brain or abdomen.. They do not act alone to cause the effusion. They seem to block an enzyme that we all have that can detoxify maleic anhydride. Maleic anhydride is the real cause of effusions. It comes from malonic acid. We can treat the problem with vitamin C in large doses; somehow this bypasses any enzyme that is needed. But the real source should be found and eliminated.
  • Sudan Black B Practical Grade causes elevated LDH
  • Common methylene blue, is used to stamp meat and fruits and added to laundry. It goes to the DNA, transporting parasites, bacteria and viruses into our chromosomes. All these living things are dyed by it, making a tight connection between parasite DNA and our DNA.


  • Check dairy products.
  • Fast Green and Fast Garnet are present in most sprays. They penetrate the food deeply.
  • Sodium hypochlorite in water. Notice that the azo-dyes appear together (or are absent together) suggesting they were not added individually. Notice that foods containing azo dyes also test Positive for sodium hypochlorite. Foods that are Negative for dyes also are Negative for hypochlorite.


  • Double soaking in hot water for one minute each time. Even organic pears, plums and oranges must be double soaked this way.
  • Ozonator for food
  • Tooth Zappicator hardens plastic dental material so that it does not seep dyes
  • Hot water for toothbrushes and glasses so that they do not seep dyes


  • Vitamin B2 (300 mg each) 2 capsules 5 times a day
  • Coenyzme Q10 (400 mg each) 1 capsule 5 times daily
  • Feed your white blood cells (WBCs) with rosehip capsules, hydrangea capsules and selenium. These three ingredients taken together feed your WBCs.
  • The Kidney Herb Program draws the team of toxins into the bladder for excretion.
  • Homeography removes dyes specifically from any organ. Make: Dyes @ Left Kidney, Dyes @ Left Kidney-WBCs, Dyes @ Right Kidney. Dyes @ Right Kidney-WBCs. Dyes @ Lymph, DAB @ WBCs, Sudan Black @ RBCs, Fast Green @ CD8s, Fast Garnet @ CD4s, Dyes @ CD37s.
  • Do the Liver Cleanse
  • Take thioctic acid, 1 capsule 5 times daily.
  • Take milk thistle seed, 1 capsule 5 times daily.
  • Vitamin C

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