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Who was Dr. Clark

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Diseases And Protocols

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Dr. Clark's passion for the radio brought her to understand that not only the human body broadcasts electrically just like a radio station, over a wide band of frequencies and at very low wattages, but that also other organisms transmit electrically as well. This lead to her invention of the SYNCROMETER, an audio oscillator circuit device that tunes for and detects the resonance in all things in much the same way a radio tuner locates a specific station. Even though not a scientifically approved device, without the Syncrometer, Dr. Clark would not have been able to carry out all her findings that she penned in 8 books.

The SYNCROMETER is a diagnostic device. It is not used for therapy. It finds things in and out of the body. It is an audio oscillator circuit that detects resonance in much the same way a radio does. In your radio a distant frequency produced in a studio is matched to a frequency you produce in your set. The Syncrometer matches a frequency produced in your body with one you place on a capacitor plate.



It can scan for anything in the body – be it an object, an organ, a chemical or virus because everything has a characteristic frequency or set of frequencies. The Syncrometer detects the presence of parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, toxins and more.

The Syncrometer is more accurate and versatile than the best existing testing methods. However at this point it only yields positive or negative results, it does not quantify. The chance of a false positive or a false negative is about 5%, which can be lessened by test repetition.

Nonetheless testing with a Syncrometer does not equal a medical diagnosis. Dr. Clark‘s research with the Syncrometer is based on Biofeedback. Biofeedback research is not considered scientific by US Government or medical authorities. Measurements made by the Syncrometer have no relation to orthodox western medicine and the Syncrometer provides no method of obtaining quantitative measurements of any substance contained in a tested sample. Only an approved and legally recognized laboratory may offer this information.

In order to use the Syncrometer effectively, one must practice a lot. The best Syncrometer- testers are the Clark therapists that test daily with the Syncrometer.

It is very easy to have a Syncrometer test done even if you live at distance. You can simply send in a sample of your saliva to a Syncrometer tester. The sample of your saliva is matched with the frequencies of a specific pathogen. You can also test the saliva of your pet, or you can have your water, house dust or body-care products tested. There is no need for you to be present in person.

For a syncrometer tester please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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